Russian abstract artist, mostly working with watercolor

My name is Daria Titinkova. I was born in Moscow, Russia. However, I consider myself a person of the world. My youth was spent behind the scenes of the best clubs, concert venues and even stadiums, because I worked in a large production center. The music literally captured me. I also worked in the fashion industry. As I realised I can’t imagine my life without creativity – music, fashion, and art. During the pandemic, sitting at home, I started to paint (before this I have never picked up a brush). Since then, drawing has become my passion. My artwork has been exhibited in Russia and is hung in houses and apartments all over the world.

I work mainly with watercolor, I love this technique due to its lightness and texture, I love how the colors mix together and how they leave traces and streaks on paper. Sometimes I mix it with acrylic paints and black ink to achieve different effects of textures and spots.

Recently, I have delved into abstract art, I like this technique due to its unpredictability, you never know what each of us will find for ourselves in each piece of this form of art. Abstract art is different for everyone, it can be perceived in many distinct ways, like leaving a memorable mark or even contrasting emotions.

I am very inspired by nature, its pure colors, which it mixes so naturally. I also get inspiration from meeting people, listening to music, and visiting new places. Sometimes very strong memories or emotions come and I try to capture them on paper.